Kuba Więcek – Born 29th October 1994 in Rybnik, sax player and composer, student of Copenhagen’s prestigious Rhythmic Music Conservatorium. Winner of many awards and international competitions. He has studied with such masters as Lee Konitz, Steve Lehman and David Binney. He has given concerts throughout Europe, North America and Asia, in collaboration with such artists as Mike Stern, Ralph Alessi, Gilad Hekselman, and many others. He started learning the cello at age seven, but four years later he abandoned that instrument for the saxophone. He developed his technical mastery and enhanced musical sensibility by studying classical music.

His adventure with jazz began at workshops in Puławy and Chodzież, where as a 17-year-old he also had an opportunity to establish contacts with young musicians studying in Denmark, which inspired him to continue his studies abroad. After secondary school he first improved his technique and knowledge of jazz in Amsterdam’s conservatory. His quest for self-expression then took him on a first journey to New York, while his studies now continue in Copenhagen.

The artist shares his time between these two cities and Warsaw, where he has resided since last year, taking active part in the cultural life of the Polish capital. As an acute observer, he finds inspiration in the multi-coloured reality of the surrounding world. He draws on the experience of many genres and styles, including classical music, European folklore as well as electronic, alternative and hip-hop projects. His private music collection contains, side by side with recordings by John Coltrane and Charlie Parker, also albums by such artists as Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Tom Waits, Bon Iver, Flying Lotus and Kanye West. The present album, “Another Raindrop”, is his phonographic debut.