“In a sea of saxophonists, seemingly out of nowhere comes Kuba Wiecek with a completely new idea on how to play the instrument, and a unique, individual compositional sound”
Gilad Hekselman

„(…) They make up a kind of organic music, with no rules, but astonishingly beautiful. That music does not slavishly follow the well-known theme-improvisation-theme schemes. Sometimes one has the impression that there is no improvisation here at all, that every single note has been written down in the score. What counts are the forms, the meaningful titles, the chiaroscuro effect of the successive scenes, the inspirations, and the overcoming of metre, whose transformations bring new senses into the music. There are also some echoes of Steve Reich, exploration of the sources of jazz, of dance traditions, of earlier musical experiences and the classical background, souvenirs of various journeys, and even inspirations from the music of Massive Attack (…)”

Tomasz Pierchala